The 3rd RU ASEAN Film Festival

The RU ASEAN Film Festival will be held from 19-21 September 2018 on The 3rd floor of Sukhothai building, Ramkamhaeng university featuring the films from 6 countries including Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philppines and Indonesia.


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19 September 2018 at 7 p.m.

Director: PimpakaTowira

Duration: 105 min

Genres: Drama


Laila decides to take a road trip from Bangkok to Pattani, one of the three southernmost Thai provinces, to visit her long-lost aunt living there.Her fatherlets her go with her brother Zugood and his friend Toy tagging along.

A smart and confident woman like Laila may seem like any typical young Bangkokian. But the one thing that makes her feel different is the fact that she is Muslim, a five-percent minority in this predominantly Buddhist country. All these times she always feels like living between two worlds: one of traditional Islamic values groomed through her family and the community she grew up in, and that of being a minority in this big global village.

The three take off from Bangkok during the time the capital is going through radical conflict between different political ideologies. The rural atmosphere and changing landscapes, as well as being away from the political heat in the city, prevent them from realizing much about the unstable situation and violent outbreaks that have also been occurring around Pattani for many years.

Through the course of a thousand-kilometer journey on the highway, Laila is also going through a spiritual trip down the memory lane at the same time. Her fragmented mental images from the past keep popping up, from moments to moments: on her family, life, work and love. And at the same time, they also overlap with the memories of those around her: her father and brother.

As they get closer to Pattani, the tense atmosphere with sudden increase in military presence, along with the image of the South being a danger zone as they saw in the news, make the three starting to feel unsafe. They become scared of traveling to this unknown destination.

But theirs is not the only journey taking place here. There is also the never-ending journey throughout the danger area for Surin, a soldier from the northeast. Without the military uniform, Surin is just a young guy of peasant background who risks his life to stay in this no man’s land in order to save up for marrying his girlfriend. The hope-filled memory is what keeps him going, in the situation where he feels not only isolated and different, but also can never understand the conflict that the locals are going through.

Laila, Zugood and Toy’s path finally comes to reach with that of Surin at midpoint, where they feel a sense of kindred spirits. The four head together to find Laila’s aunt, where the route is leading them to discover a land stranger than that they are familiar with.



20 September at 9.30 a.m.

Director: Sotho Kulikar

Duration: 105 min

Genres:  Drama


Phnom Penh, present day. Sophoun, the rebellious daughter of a hard-line army colonel, lives life for the moment, hanging out with a local gang.  But when her father returns home with another marriage proposal, Sophoun flees her imploding home and seeks refuge in a derelict cinema. There, she is shocked to discover an incomplete 1970s melodrama from pre-Khmer Rouge times, a film which starred her now desperately ill mother as a glamorous young woman. A story from a different world, a different time.

With the help of the cinema’s elderly projectionist, Sophoun re-makes the missing last reel of the film, reprising her mother’s role. By premiering the completed film forty years later, she hopes to remind her mother of a life she’d once lived and to mend the psychological scars that still haunt her.

The old film, however, poses more questions than it answers. The promise of the Cambodian film industry and its newest star was cut short in 1975 by the brutal Khmer Rouge regime which specifically targeted actors and filmmakers as enemies of the people. Remaking the last reel offers Sophoun an opportunity to dictate her own destiny but at the cost of uncovering some painful truths about her family and their past.



20 September 2018 at 1 p.m.

 Director: Mattie Do

Duration: 60 min

Genres: Drama/Horror


“Nok” a rustic girl of Laos, is called by her distant cousin for taking care “Ana”, a wealthy woman with eyes problem who always sees a hallucination. Ana has never ever known that her hallucination is a ghost, who comes to tell her the price numbers of lottery. Nok is the only one person who knows the secret of Ana’s hallucination. From now on, she must choose between saving the other life and a bloody wealth.



20 September 2018 at 5 p.m. 

Director: Mr.Rodolfo Jr. Robles lana

Duration: 120 min

Genres: Drama


Newly widowed Marilou inherits the town’s only barbershop from her husband—a business that has been passed down by generations of men in her husband’s family. With no other means of support, she musters the courage to run the barbershop. Despite the skills she gained from years of observation and assisting her husband, as a female barber she fails to attract any customers. Nevertheless, things take an unexpected turn when Marilou discovers what she is truly made of—in the midst of mockery from men, and the support of unexpected circle of sisters.



21 September 2018 at 9.30 a.m.

Director:Yasmin Ahmad

Duration: 84 min

Genres: Drama


Muallaf tells the story of two Malay sisters, 20-year-oldRohani (Sharifah Amani) and 14-year-old Rohana (Sharifah Aleysha), both are on the run from their wealthy and abusive father. Then, they find refuge in a small town. They meet Brian (Brian Yap), a 30-year-old Catholic school teacher who finds himself irresistibly drawn to the sisters and their extraordinary courage. This relationship inevitably forces them to confront a haunting memory of their own troubled childhood.



21 September 2018 at 1 p.m.

   Director:Mouly Surya

   Duration: 93 min

Genres: Drama


In the deserted hills of an Indonesian island, Marlina, a young widow, is attacked and robbed for her cattle. To defend herself, she kills several men of the gang. Seeking justice, she goes on a journey for empowerment and redemption. But the road is long especially when the ghost of her headless victim begins to haunt her.